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Artistic Steel Gate – Steel Panel Art – Hitchcock


Decorative Steel Gate – flock of seagulls – Steel Panel Art


A flurry of birds will be there to greet you as you return to your vacation home on the beach this summer.  This decorative steel gate design is an homage to the great filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock.

At Artisan Gateworks, we make each of our gates out of high quality 1/8th” thick steel sheeting framed with 1 1/2″ steel tubing for a durable gate you can count on.

All our gates come with a standard 1” gap at the bottom for ground clearance. If you would like a different height, please let us know when placing your order.

Design: Flock

Although many of our competitors simply use paint, each of our artisan gates are primed and powder coated for protection from the elements while beautifully accenting your home or garden.  Powder coating typically produces a coating twice as thick as standard paint.  Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, and wearing than paint or other finishes.  The colors of your decorative steel gate will remain bright and vibrant over a longer period of time.  The result is a uniform, durable, high quality and attractive finish.

Artisan Gateworks clients will enjoy some basic customization of their pieces with sizing and color variations.

Additionally, you can mount your gate using wall-mounted posts or ground-mounted posts, and you have the choice of a single or double hole for hardware attachment (hardware not included).  Because posts are included with your gate, know that there would be approximately 3.5″ added to the overall width of the gate (a 36″w gate with posts would fit into a 39.5″ opening, a 48″w gate would need 51.5″ of space for proper installation).

All our gates are handmade by us here in the United States.

We love a challenge here at Artisan Gateworks and welcome any custom inquiries. Do not hesitate to call if you like a design but would like to use it for a different application!
Every gate will ship anywhere in the US.

* All rights reserved; Artisan Gateworks, LLC.

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36"w x 48"h, 36"w x 60"h, 36"w x 72"h, 48"w x 48"h, 48"w x 60"h, 48"w x 72"h

Mounting Options

Ground Mount, Surface Mount, Wall Mount