As loft apartments, urban live-work spaces, and open floor plans continue to grow in popularity, more and more people are looking to find creative and unique ways to organize the layout of their homes.  At Artisan Gateworks, we are excited to share our line of decorative durable handmade steel room dividers along with our artistic wall paneling in an effort to offer our clients more quality options to decorate their homes (inside and out).

Check out our decorative steel room divider with the enchanted forest design here.

The overlapping forest design provides a visual break between spaces or a unique backdrop for a living room or office.  We can make nearly any of our gate designs into a custom room divider, so feel free to browse our site and let us know what piques your interest.

Aside from the design, we offer our clients a choice of color and number of panels to customize their new decorative steel privacy panel.  The room divider pictured is 6’W x 6’H and folds into three 2’ panels, but we can make them in nearly any size!


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