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Mounting Options

Ground-Mount Posts

The ground-mount post system is based on two posts anchored into the ground with the gate or fence panel fitting snugly in between.  This system is sturdy and allows for the erection of a gate virtually anywhere on your property.  The ground-mount post system also allows for some movement of the gate (which may naturally occur during high winds). Ground-mount gates are recommended for gates taller than 4 ½ ft (the taller the gate, the more wind will factor into its movement), gates that are free standing (in a place where there is no existing wall nearby), and for older houses (whose walls might not be as solid as a newer structure).

When anchoring a post into the ground, the general rule is to have about ½ the height of your gate set underground.  For example, if you have a 48” tall gate, you would want the gate post to extend 24” into the ground.  If you have a 72” gate, your post would extend 36” into the ground making the total post height around 108”.

Wall-Mount Posts

The wall-mount post system is similar to the post-mount in that the gate will fit snugly between two uprights, only instead of being anchored into the ground, the pillars would be anchored directly into the wall.  This setup requires less intensive installation (no holes to dig, no cement to pour) than the ground-mount system and will allow you to incorporate your steel panel gate into the existing layout of your home garden or urban walkway.  Wall-mounted gate systems are recommended for decorative steel gates shorter than 4 ½ ft (where wind and weight are less of a factor that taller gates), gates put into existing layouts (where walls and door jams are already set), and for installation on newer structures (which can hold more weight and take more stress  for longer periods of time).

Post Width

Whether you opt for ground-mounted or wall-mounted, your gate will come with two posts.  It is important to note that the posts are made from the same material as the frame of the gate.  For instance, a standard 36”W gate is framed in 1 ½“ square tube which would make the posts 1 ½” wide.  We build our gates with a ¼” gap between the posts and the gate frame in order to allow the gate to swing properly.  This means an additional 3 ½” is added to the total width of the gate.

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