At Artisan Gateworks, we want to make the experience of getting a brand new custom gate as worry free as possible.  Here are a few hints to help you when deciding on the height and width of your gate!

Post Mount Height:

When anchoring a post into the ground, the general rule is to have about ½ the height of your gate set underground.  For example, if you have a 48” tall gate, you would want the gate post to extend 24” into the ground.  If you have a 72” gate, your post would extend 36” into the ground making the total post height around 108”.

Post Width:

Whether you opt for a post mount or wall mount, your gate will come with two posts.  It is important to note that the posts are made from the same material as the frame of the gate.  For instance, a standard 36”W gate is framed in 1 ½“ square tube which would make the posts 1 ½” wide.  We build our gates with a ¼” gap between the posts and the gate frame in order to allow the gate to swing properly.  This means an additional 3 ½” is added to the total width of the gate.

We hope this information helped to clarify some of the questions that might arise while you are looking into buying a new handmade decorative steel gate.  Check out our growing catalog of gate designs, and see if there are any that fit your style and needs!

For more information on mounting options, click here.

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