Thinking about a custom steel gate but can’t find a design that works for your application?

There are a number of minor alterations we can make to any of our designs, free of charge!

Whether you have to deal with small children, dogs, security or zoning issues, Artisan Gateworks has got you covered!

Many people love the look of our unique decorative gate designs, but are afraid small dogs or children will get stuck trying to climb through.  If this sounds familiar, you may want to give some thought to adding a simple kick plate to your garden gate.  The kick plates can be made as high or short as needed in order to prevent furry critters and curious kiddos from injuring themselves trying to crawl through.

If you are trying to keep strangers from reaching through your gate to the handle but would still like the eye catching Artisan Gateworks design, check out our handle guard options!  Like the kick plate, handle guards can be made in any width and in many different shapes.  Whether you are looking for something simple with minor interference to the decorative steel gate design, or for something that covers much more of the surface of your custom gate, we can alter our designs to give you exactly the right look for your needs.

Ask us about making your gate with a solid section for no extra cost!*

*complimentary changes do not alter the sizing or layout of the design, they will only add sections that will remain solid.  Additional charges may apply for any design alterations beyond adding your kick plate or handle guard.


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