Are you having trouble deciding between a ground mount or a wall mount decorative steel gate?  It can be a daunting task to pick out a gate configuration that will fit your aesthetic and functional needs. Here are a few helpful tips to think about before deciding on your preferred configuration.

Ground Mount

The ground mount system is based on two posts anchored into the ground with the gate or fence panel fitting snugly in between.  This system is sturdy and allows for the erection of a gate virtually anywhere on your property.  Some gates sizes, especially ones that are wide relative to their height, will need the support of an adjoining fence.  The ground mount style is typically used when the gate is not attaching directly to an existing wall (and for older houses, whose walls might not be as solid as a newer structure).

Wall Mount

The wall mount system is similar to the ground mount in that the gate will fit snugly between two uprights, only instead of being anchored into the ground, the posts would be anchored directly to the wall.  This setup requires less intensive installation (no holes to dig, no cement to pour) than the ground mount system and will allow you to incorporate your gate into the existing layout of your home garden or walkway.  Wall mounted systems are recommended for gates put into existing layouts (where walls and door jams are already set), and for installation on newer structures (which can hold more weight and take more stress  for longer periods of time).

We know that there is a lot to think about when ordering a custom gate for your home or business  With these few hints, we hope to help put your mind at ease and make the purchase of your new outdoor pedestrian gate stress-free.

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